Thaali Registration

  • Every house will be given an ID card which is to be shown at the pickup point.
  • The person collecting the tiffin “ WILL “ have to show this card.
  • The loss of card will incur an expense of 10,000 tshs for a new one to be issued.
  • Tiffins will be provided to you. Tiffin will only be given if the tiffin of the previous day is returned.
  • It is COMPULSORY to return the empty tiffin before a new one is given.
  • Tiffin pickup times will be between 1:00pm to 2:00pm (Monday - Friday).
  • If a tiffin is needed in both places (Home & Workplace), separate forms for each location is required. This form is for 1 location ONLY.

Please fill the form below for online thaali registration:


Please Note
After submitting the form, please arrange to deliver the Hoob Raqm (Pledge) to any of the following person in order for your registration to be processed.